[Podcast]: Make Fun Happen, Create Cool Products & Improve The Environment

You’ve heard the first part of this story before.  Shit, it might have even happened to you.

Chris Lynch graduated in 2008 with an Economics degree and was ready for a life full of Hedge Funds on Wall St.  A few years later, the San Diego native Lynch found himself on the beach with no job and no idea what to do.  

The second part of this story is unique.  

Lynch got a call from an old friend, Michael Samer.  Lynch and Samer worked together as tour guides for a kayak company in La Jolla.  Samer told Lynch that the business was selling and he wanted to buy it with Lynch.  

With no entrepreneurial experience, Lynch said yes.

The third part of the story is purely awesome.

What started as a kayak tour company in 2010 has turned into a premier California lifestyle company, Everyday California.  

“We want to make fun happen, create cool products and use business to improve the environment.”

With merchandise, a 1% pledge for the environment and even their own IPA – they are accomplishing their mission.

In this episode of the Millennial Momentum podcast, Chris and I talk about his entrepreneurial journey, his toughest moment in the business and how he’s built such a strong brand.  

The fourth part of their story, the future, is unknown but Lynch is in no rush to expedite growth in if it damages the culture they’ve built.  

And his advice for others who sit where we was in 2010?  

Just start.  It’s too easy to not put a few hours a week into a passion project.

“Whatever it is that you want to do, start right now.  Start today.”

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