[Podcast]: How To Build A Successful Company Through Conscious Leadership

Mark Cuban is famous for saying “In business, you only need to be right once.”

Godard Abel doesn’t believe in that. He’s already been right twice and his working on his third project now.

In 2013, Abel sold his software company, BigMachines to Oracle for $400M.

Then in late 2015, he sold his next company, SteelBrick to Salesforce.com for $360M.

But Abel isn’t an overnight success story. BigMachines took nearly a dozen years to build and Abel told me that they missed their sales numbers every year for the first seven years. With only $1.5M left in the bank, he and his team decided to continue onward and the rest is history.

Abel mentioned that a major piece of his success has come as a result of mindfulness. He follows Jim Dethmer’s Conscious Leadership style, he reads books from Eckhart Tolle, and meditates using Headspace every day.

His focus on health and wellness has allowed him to think more clearly and become a more successful leader.

And if being right twice is great, a third time would be icing on the cake. That’s what Abel is working on right now with his team at G2 Crowd.

In this interview, we talk about the impact that mindfulness has had on his life, how to build a great company and the best way you can book a meeting with someone important via email and LinkedIn.  

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