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Welcome To Millennial Momentum!

Millennial Momentum is a media company obsessed with helping millennials grow their personal development.  This means that I want to help YOU (yes, you) take your game to the next level - whether it's your business, finances, health, relationship or otherwise.  We're all on life's journey, so let's crush it together.

Who is Tom?

For years, I have been obsessed with driving the personal development of myself and others.  Right now, I'm a B2B sales professional, blogger, podcaster and life learner.

My #1 goal in life is to reach my full potential.  This means total optimization of the most important areas of my life - financial, professional, health, relationships and spirituality.

I want to be rich.  I want to be a successful entrepreneur.  I want to be in great health.  I want deep relationships with those I care about.

I'm competitive as hell.  I don't want to just win, I want to dominate.

I strongly believe that the ultimate winners in the long-run are those that dig in and put in the most work.

I'm energetic, enthusiastic and an optimist.  Being energy-rich can change your life.

I dream big.  I set massive goals, visualize them, work for them and knock them down one by one.

I'm building a mastermind of like-minded invididuals to help each other crush our goals. Interested in joining? Let me know.

I know that life gives to the givers and takes from the takers.  My goal of this entire site is to provide maximum value for YOU.

I'm a sponge - learning from every person, experience, location and book I come across.

I'm not perfect - far from it.  But I'm here to share my story with you to learn from my success, failures and lessons along the way.

Gratitude, Growth & Grit

This is my life philosophy.

It's really hard to have a good attitude if you aren't grateful for what you have - the money, the items, the people, the sun shining in your bedroom - everything.  Gratitude keeps me grounded.

1% better everyday.  That's my goal.  In a day, that's not a whole lot.  But over time, the compound interest is huge. 1% better is what has shaped the most successful people in the world.  Growth and progress > perfection.

Grit is how you get shit done.  It's waking up before the sun to write. It's staying up late editing a podcast.  It's denying an invite to drink beers with the guys and go to a networking event.  It's the act of shutting up the voice in your head that says "I can't do it."  Grit is my superpower.

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