[Podcast]: Go For Your Moonshot

If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely that you’re a high achiever that’s focused on growth.

Through my experience, there are two types of growth.

The first, incremental growth, is incredibly important. I say it all the time – 1% better everyday. This growth compounds over time and can significantly change your life in the long-run.  Do the work everyday and you’ll find yourself in a great place 10 years from now.

The second type of growth doesn’t get talked about as much.  It’s a daring, seemingly impossible mission. Peter Diamandis and Astro Teller refer to this as a moonshot.  

Moonshots are the opposite of traditional growth.  While the rest of the world aims for 10% growth, a moonshot aims for 10X growth.

The best part of having a moonshot, as Diamandis describes, is that “aiming for something that is 10X better vs 10% better is 100X more worth it… but not 100X harder to do.”  It just requires different thinking. Crazy idea after crazy idea in the hopes of finding a new solution.

Phillip Stutts is working on his own moonshot.  He has a rare Esophageal disease that has never been cured before. He’s determined to be the first.

“When I’m not growing, I’m not happy.” – Phillip Stutts

He’s also hunting for moonshots in business.  Stutts is one of the masterminds behind the curtain of political marketing. With more than 20 years of political and marketing experience, Stutts has worked with multiple Fortune 200 companies and has over two decades of experience working on campaigns and contributed to over 1,000 election victories, including three Presidential victories. He founded Go BIG Media in 2015 and recently wrote: “Fire Them Now.”

I had the opportunity to interview Stutts about his moonshot, how we can all grow by building a connection with people and why he reviews his goals in the shower every morning.  Stutts is a rare breed and has helped inspire me to shoot for a bigger target.

What’s your moonshot?   Let me know below in the comments.


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