One Week In November

Wade Burgess is the CEO of Shiftgig former LinkedIn Exec. In this episode, he shared his philosophies on leadership and investing in yourself. Wade also told us about an absolutely crazy week he once had (and he wrote about it here).

In “one week in November”, Wade:

  • Lost his job
  • Bought a house
  • Found out he was expecting his first child
  • Had a vehicle explode
  • Hosted 16 people for Thanksgiving dinner

“Other than losing my job, buying a house, having a vehicle explode, finding out we were expecting our first child, and hosting 16 people for a holiday dinner, it was a pretty normal week.”

Wade sets a great example of “zooming out” from a situation to detach himself and remain cool under the pressure. If you’re feeling stressed due Q4 pressures, upcoming holiday festivities and 2018 planning, this could be helpful to keep things in perspective. Huge thanks to Wade for sharing his stories with us!