Feeling Stuck? Answer This One Question

When I was 11-years-old, I started a sports magazine with three of my friends.  

We would drink root beer and write articles in my attic on my mom’s desktop computer.

Every month we’d print them out, staple them together and sell them to the neighborhood.  We even sold them as monthly subscriptions at discounted rates (I think I still owe a few months’ of magazines to my aunt).  

We had every intention of taking down ESPN as the “worldwide leader in sports.”

When I played a sports video game – like Madden NFL 2001 – I always chose the “Owner Mode”.  I was more interested in trading players and making sure ticket sales were high rather than actually playing the games.

I was a weird kid.

James Altucher recently frequently tells people to do what they loved as a kid.  I thought that was interesting.

So when I interviewed Alli McKee, I asked her the same question.

“What did you love to do when you were eight-years-old?”

From an early age, Alli loved to make art. She would draw Mickey Mouse and create flipbooks as a child – possibly as an act of rebellion against her parents, who were both lawyers.

In college, she would make beautiful coasters of her campus at UVA and sell them to alumni.

But she didn’t always follow this passion.  

She was a consultant at Bain for years and then taught entrepreneurial leadership in South Africa.  

But something was missing.  She wasn’t able to be creative.  

She got back to her roots and founded Stick.ai, which is a visual communication platform that companies use to connect with their customers.  

She has a passion for helping people connect through images.

As a kid, I loved writing.  I loved being creative. I loved playing outside.  And I especially loved selling and trying to build a business.

So that’s what I’m doing today.  Earlier, I went for a run outside.  Now I’m writing this article for you.  Tomorrow I’ll go off to my job in sales.

So, what did you do as a kid?  

Make a list.

Did you draw?  Did you play outside?  Did you cook in your easy-bake-oven?

Find a way to follow that passion in your own world today.  

And bonus points if you get PAID to do it.

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