5 Things Millennials Can Learn In Their First Job

Recently, I came uuponmy two year anniversary working at TechTarget and have done some self-reflection on where I’ve been and the future ahead.  What I quickly realized is that much of what I learned professionally was not on my radar in college and was DEFINTIELY not something that was taught in any classes.  And though I’m not sure I can replicate a rant like Gary Vaynerchuk, I’ve compiled a few key learnings to help any recent grads or anyone who’s embarking on a new path.

  1. Work hard – This is obvious, right? Clearly not.  Millennials are constantly being type casted as a lazy and entitled generation.  As with most stereotypes, this certainly isn’t true across the board, but oftentimes it can be.  Get in early and stay late.  Even when you don’t think people notice, they do.
  2. Have goals – These should be driving you on a daily, weekly, yearly basis to keep you energized and focused. I’ve noticed a key is to think BIG – you’re likely capable of more than you think.
  3. Be a sponge – This is a phrase I learned from an Exec at our company on my first day out of training. Keep your eyes and ears open – there is something you can learn from everyone – both conversationally and from books/podcasts out there.
  4. Network– The people that I’ve seen have the most success are constantly networking – both internally and externally. I’ve been fortunate enough to build meaningful relationships with entry-level people in various positions all the way up to the CEO.  It’s also important to put yourself out of your comfort zone and network outside of your normal circle of friends/colleagues.
  5. Have fun – Let’s face it, going to work is not quite like the frat parties that you’ve been attending the past four years. But if you find something you’re passionate about and but a solid effort forth, going to work and achieving your goals can be much more fun than you think.

Have you learned something else in your first few years in the workforce?  Would love to hear anything I missed in the comments below or through my social channels!

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