Developing An Abundance Mindset

Anthony Iannarino is a world-renowned sales expert, President of 3 firms generating a total of $50M in annual revenues and just authored his new book, “The Lost Art of Closing”.

Although Anthony is probably most well-known for his sales tactics — which he addresses in the first half of the interview — he also gets deep into his “abundance mindset” in this interview. There is no shortage of opportunities that the world presents. Everywhere you look, there is an opportunity to spend time, make money, meet new people, learn a new skill.

You need to develop an abundance mindset

The shortage isn’t in one’s opportunities, but rather, in one’s thoughts. Example: I will make $50,000 this year now in my current job and I will keep doing the same thing and earn $50,000 next year. This is a very short-sighted mindset.

The alternative, abundance mindset, may look more like this: I will make $50,000 this year in my current job but I want to earn $100,000 next year. To meet that lofty goal, I am going to learn a new skill or take on that new project at work or pick up a side hustle or provide insane levels of value to my customers.

The US GDP is $18.57T, there are new books written every day waiting to be read and mentors waiting to share their learnings with a hungry mind. The opportunity is there for those who seek it and have developed their abundance mindset.

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